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2013 CATIE Awards Winners
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 Congratulations to the 2013 CATIE Award Winners!

Best BBQ or Picnic Menu

Culinary Capers Catering and Special Events - Vancouver, BC
African Themed Summer Barbecue


Best Buffet Presentation & Menu

Culinary Capers Catering and Special Events - Vancouver, BC
African Themed Summer Barbecue


Best Celebration Cake

The Casual Gourmet - Centerville, MA
A Beacon of Light

Best Desserts

Thomas Caterers of Distinction - Indianapolis, IN
Chocolate Mousse Cake Decoded

Best Hors d’oeuvre

Catering By Design - Denver, CO
The Cracker with the Dragon Tattoo

Best Main Course Plate Presentation 

PR Creative Caterers
Brain Food


Best New Food Concept

Catering By Design - Denver, CO
Spinart Buffets

Best Plated Menu

Catering by Michael's - Morton Grove, IL
Garden Art Birthday Party

Best Table Scape Design 2013

Vicky Crease Caterers - Johannesburg,  Gauteng South Africa
One Night in Shanghai - A Chinese Culinary Concept


Caterer of the Year

Culinary Crafts - Orem, Utah

Established in 1984, Culinary Crafts is owned and operated by Mary Craft. It is headquartered in Orem, Utah. In the spring of 2012, they opened The Tasting Room in Salt Lake City, which boasts a 5,000 square feet indoor venue. 

One of the things Mary loves to say is, "If we don't make it, we don't serve it! Making things ourselves is the only way we can know exactly how an item was made. This is the foundation of our way of catering. We make it fresh …we seek out local artisans, develop relationships with them so we can cook local and seasonal."

Culinary Crafts is proud to employ green business practices and their headquarters is 100 percent wind-powered. The electricity they use is off-set by wind-powered energy that they purchase.  They, also, employ the MEET GREEN Initiatives as adopted by Meeting Planners International. Culinary Crafts gratefully donates cash, food, services and time to numerous non-profit organizations.   

Chef of the Year

Chef Cade Nagy - Catering By Design - Denver, CO

Executive Chef & Co-Owner of Catering By Design.  Chef Cade, with his wife Ingrid, run an events business, with Catering by Design serving as the flagship. Staying true to their calling, they are building a business that is constantly creative in order to re-imagine your experience.

Chef Nagy says "I love to cook. I love everything about it: peeling a carrot, poaching an egg, braising a leg, cleaning a fish or roasting a chicken. I just love these mechanical parts of cooking; these everyday mundane tasks. I believe in order to love the food, you first need to have the passion for these tireless, repeated, endless acts in the kitchen.  I think that every great cook has soul and has found a way to bring it out in every dish they make. To me, cookbooks are a contradiction. A recipe has absolutely no soul. It’s the person participating and doing the cooking that makes the dish what it is.  Recipes are merely guidelines for the cook to follow. You cannot follow a recipe and make the perfect custard until you touch it, feel it, smell it, see it and put your soul into it. It’s just not possible. Trying to find one’s soul in cooking can take years and rarely happens overnight.  But, as a catering chef, cooking is just a part of what I do. The other half is the design and the showmanship. The old saying ‘You eat with your eyes first’ is true. I take it even further in catering. To me, it’s about all of the senses being teased and entertained. I love working in this part of the field. So, when I am creating a menu for an event the first thing I do is consider the concept, look, design, and the vessel in which food will be displayed. I also like putting little pieces of theatrics and pop culture into my concepts. And in the end, it always winds up as a marriage between food and design for me."

In 2012, they served 120,938 guests with this mindset. 


Innovative Mixology

Catering By Design - Denver, CO

Cocktail Gallery

Signature Caterer for Best Event

Catering By Design - Denver, CO

Shoots and Ladders Station


Signature Caterer Best Multi Day Event

Catering By Design - Denver, CO

Pit Crew Flash Mob 


Signature Caterer for Best Wedding

The JDK Group - Camp Hill, PA

From Farm to Fete

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